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We are a team of engineers, designers and software developers who enjoy creating and helping to launch innovative fintech companies. We have a long history of working together and a 5-year-long journey of building tech for financial services.
We enable financial and non-financial institutions to leverage “Fintech” services without the pain at a fraction of the cost and time. We offer a cloud-based modular platform covering a biometric wallet for instant issuing, cross-border payments, payment facilitation (acquiring with same-day settlements), P2P Payments, and more, including regulatory compliance on KYC and AML. All leveraging world-class processors like Galileo and sponsored by financial institutions, Visa and Mastercard.


Leap has over 20 partners that include, processors, payment gateways, fraud detection and lending allies among many other.


Leap partners with several financial institutions such as Metropolitan Commercial Bank, Eurobank, Donde and other regulated entities in multiple countries.


Leap is successfully integrated into several payment services, identity, phone and account verification partners.
Leapfinancial story so far...
Seed Round


Decided to trash all the code from before away and started to rebuild from scratch a new platform called numi. Lionel and Marcela registered the company with Endeavor for a fresh restart after an exit.
Cash Flow +

warming up

Brought customers like BAHUD, Tigo Money and others and signed a JV with SACBE Payments to implement the account to account X-Border transfers with no financial intermediaries.
Series A


Two more JVC signed, this time with Cacao Holding to launch Bancacao and Hispano leveraging numi as the core platform. More Strategic alliances formed with Mastercard, Finconecta and SoFi and more strategic alliances were set with several bank sponsors.

pushing for scale

Leapfinancial merged with Abankgard and the company founders became part of the management of the portfolio. Additional funding was provided to Leap to scale the team and the platform capabilities. Leap became a program manager with full bank sponsorships and expanded agreements with global processors.

we would happy to partner-up.


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