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Billed Monthly, cancel anytime.
$25K Setup

$2.50 / new user
$4.00 / card
$1.00 / active user
$0.25 / transaction
Instant issuing for virtual and physical debit. Includes biometric on-boarding, money loads and transfers. Historic transactions and card management features.
  • 5 Product Variations
  • International Transactions
  • Include customer support
  • Support X-Border payments


Billed Monthly, cancel anytime.
$50K-$350K Setup  $4,995/mo
$1.00 / new user
$1.00 / card
$1.00 / active user
$0.10 / transaction
Require a blue print phase to confirm scope and customizations will be allowed. integration with 3rd party systems may require additional work as well as adaptation to new jurisdictions.
  • 25 Product Variations
  • 5 Modules
  • Fees management
  • Revenue Share (interchange)


Billed Monthly, cancel anytime.
$1-$1M Setup  $9,995/mo
$0.00 / pass trough
$0.00 / pass trough
$0.00 / pass trough
$0.05 / transaction + pass trough
This kind of implementation requires a blue print phase and assumes we require a business plan review. Qualified cases may apply for JVs or revenue share models.
  • Unlimited Product Items
  • Unlimted Modules
  • Custom Integrations
  • Level 2/3 support

here’s some feedback from a customer.

Leap has the most talented people I found in the market. They truly understand the fintech space, provide advice, insights and work towards success as true partners. The management team is very senior and very well regarded in the industry.
Miguel Ocio
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